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Thanks for the opportunity to share with you the Paloma Sports Outreach Project. The Paloma Sports Outreach Project is a vision of Paloma Community Church. Paloma Community Church was born out of the common vision and mission of two Mesa churches.  In July of 2004, two churches of like-faith and common vision joined together to become Paloma Community Church.  PCC has a vision to connect to our community in a meaningful way by meeting basic needs within the community.  Through the enablement of God and the combined resources and talents of the members of both congregations, PCC has already developed the 22.5 acre site on the east side of Mesa.  

PCC has also created Paloma Sports Outreach and the Paloma Sports Complex to serve the community.  Paloma has also completed the first structure on the property to host Sunday morning services along with meetings for the sports community and local community groups.  The field complex includes three (3) soccer fields, practice fields and field lighting.

Currently PCC is in the planning phase of building a multi-purpose facility that with host a larger meeting space for Sunday services along with a variety of indoor sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, kickball, and futsal.  It is the goal of Paloma Community Church to have a lasting impact on our community in the areas of children, youth and young adults/families as it pertains to providing athletic, educational, and spiritual growth. This project is bringing community groups together, not only in the development of the project, but in an on-going fashion as all of the community groups work together for the common good of everyone who gets involved. It is truly about the community.


At Paloma Community Church, we understand that plugging into something bigger than ourselves brings fullness to our lives that can't be achieved alone. That is the reason that we have partnered with the sports community. This gives us the opportunity to build a great sports complex and offer an ongoing athletics program for our community.



Paloma Sports Outreach

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